Craft Lagers in Cans

Found some recent press articles talking about the growing trends in craft beer! ECB matches up pretty good with four out of six top beer trends in this article…our mad brewers release an IPL in 2012, we canned WA State’s first lager in a can…

Be sure to read the section about American Amber Lagers near end of this…Dottie Seattle Lager is a our NW take on the American Amber Lager!

Great history on the use of cans in craft beer, notice the trend of lagers in cans! Craft beer is expanding occasions, and cans are helping get good beer places bottles couldn’t.

Memory Lane

With the Rainier “R” being put back on the building tomorrow, I thought I’d archive some of the coverage from when we launched. Wow, have the last three years have gone by fast!  I can only imagine what it was like in 1878, when Rainier first started brewing lagers in Seattle.

Links to press articles: